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SuperClearyPhoto is Shaun Cleary

Based out of Long Beach, New York, Shaun Cleary is an international photographer and videographer focusing exclusively on the sport of CrossFit™ and the intense lifestyle around it.

SuperClearyPhoto is a full service media company that can provide photography, videography, and social media expertise to clients of any size.

SuperClearyPhoto shoots gyms, CrossFit Affiliates, fitness classes, competitions, portraiture, products, and other commercial projects around the world.

SuperClearyPhoto's clients include CrossFit Inc., ESPN, FitAid, KillCliff, Progenex, the Dubai Fitness Championship, 2POOD, Mission 6 Nutrition, Bear Komplex, MHP, Flex Events, Mayhem Events, the Civilian Military Combine, Goat Tape, RX Smart Gear, and Barbells for Boobs.  SuperClearyPhoto has shot the CrossFit Games Season every year since 2013.

SuperClearyPhoto has been the producer for Active Life RX since 2015, with projects ranging from travel photography and videography, to weekly podcasts and remote client video seminars.

SuperClearyPhoto is a regular contributor to, and has had work featured in ESPN, FOX News, Newsday, Again Faster's Evolve Magazine, WODTalk Magazine, the CrossFit Journal, and Box Life Magazine.

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

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